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  • Romeo g. De jesus2022-11-14 10:10:34

    I would like to inquire the a/c price

  • Romeo2022-11-11 19:40:06

    Looking for mr frank jiang

  • Girdhar Rohra2022-09-22 11:15:45

    would like to know more information about air conditioners prices and other necessary information

  • Johnny2022-08-17 07:41:08

    How much is the 12k hybrid off grid solar system.With and without panels and batteries? Also does it come with freon?

  • Terrell Gardiner2022-08-13 04:29:23

    I have AC units in my house at the moment I was wondering can I connect your solar panels, charger controller, and batteries to my AC so that I can take them off the grid question is can I do this with your parts?

  • Rene Rietveld2022-04-05 18:06:51

    We are interested in your hybrid and for grid Air Conditioners, can we become a official dealer and how to buy your products.

    With regards
    Rene Rietveld

  • HumaidAL Habsi2021-11-11 22:38:26

    Hello Dear,
    Can I get the price of AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air condition on grid 36 btu the details as well the FOB price.

  • Sam Saber2021-10-18 03:55:32

    Hi I need to buy you solar A/C 2 PIC. KFR-50GW/DCBP and KFR-35GW/DCBP 2 pic. so I need price with shipping to Qatar-Doha, and price without shipping in China at your location. Thanks Sam Saber

  • Vinit2019-03-27 02:51:24

    This side Vinit from Jyanti Engineering from India. We are a solar epc company. We have required some solar products like: Solar AC, Solar Street Light, Deep Freezer and moskito Kit etc.
    We are also working as a partner in India.Please suggest how we can work together.

    I am waiting your positive feedback.


  • Erich Woerle2019-02-25 19:51:47

    Ladys and Gentleman,

    we are interested in your Solar powered Air Condition, special in this reference:


    what we need are following information's:

    - price
    - how much unites you can ship out per month,
    - how much solar panels you recommend
    - how much batteries you recommend (system work manly during the day, but also some times in the night

    Thank you for your quick answer in advance.


    Erich Woelre

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