Solar Air Conditioner Introduction

Company News Saturday, August 08, 2009

Our products are becoming very popular throughout the world today and Mr.Cool Solar products will be in over 50 countries by the end of year 2012.
Our solar air conditioners are the most popular air conditioners in the world, being the only patented real thermal solar air conditioners today that actually save up to 50% energy usage.
Our solar air conditioner offers the best quality and performance in the world built with all inner and outer steel, structure and components. Operating flow and heat / cold processing control copper tubing helps convert and send heated GREEN gasses to the solar air conditioners Hitachi and Panasonic compressors. With our thermal solar processing helping heat the medium reducing the compressor workload, therefore saving energy usage and providing a comfortable atmosphere.
Mr. Cool Solar air conditioners offers more energy efficiency 365 days per year, the hotter it gets outside, the more energy efficient our solar air conditioners are on saving energy.
Our Solar Air Conditioners process colder air 50% faster then any air conditioner in the world. Mr. Cool Solar provides a dual cold processing method which provides cold air immediately at start.
Mr. Cool Solar inside blower units offers a dual and triple evaporation processing sending much colder air to the inside of your home or business much faster then any air conditioner in the world.
Mr. Cool Solar has recently made new updates to our solar air conditioners listed below.
1. New high quality silver plastic logo labels, very attractive for all products.
2. Add water one time per year during annual service.
3. 50% faster cooling capacity over all conventional air conditioners in the world.
4. Inside unit self cleaning vacuum, helping keep the filter clean and stop all bacteria's and dust from recirculation into the home or business.
5. VRV systems coming out in 90 days, making it easy to connect 3 inside units to one outside unit.
6. Operation at any outside temperature with out shut down.
7. The hotter it is outside the more energy efficient our Mr. Cool Solar air conditioners are.
8. Remote control holders.
9. Smart technology micro chip offering indicator led readings.

Solar Wall mounted S

Solar Wall mounted S

Model TKF(R)-26GW TKF(R)-35GW TKF(R)-50GW TKF(R)-70GW
Capacity 9000btu 12000btu 18000btu 24000btu


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In order to fit the wet season, specially designed dehumidification function can remove 1.5kg water per hour (with no temperature lowering basically). Thus averts the uncomfort caused by cooling and dehumidifying simultaneously.

Intelligent defrosting, and cold resistance technology

In cold seasons or continouse air conditioning operation, the outdoor condenser forms a thick layer of cream on the condenser resulting in lower performance air-conditioning. A solar-functional air-conditioning intelligent defrost solution resolving this problem, always giving you the best performance.

Our air-conditioner provide with three levels of protecting system, i.e. dust filtering net with inside vacuum, electrostatic fiber and active carbon absorbing layer. They can remove peculiar smell, disinfect air and filter harmful material. Thus keeps the air fresh, and avoids the air-conditioner disease. During appraising, it has been found that in the room after half an hour running, 80% dust had been reduced and 95% bacteria have been killed.

Our inside fan blower unit offers a self cleaning vacuum system that helps reduce dust and bacteria particles, immediately sending partials from the inside of your home or office to the outside. This provides a cleaner bacteria and dust free atmosphere during operation, giving you a much healthier lifestyle inside.

Mr. Cool Solar air-conditioner's are designed according to the Carnot Cycle theory, combined with solar and heat pump technology, a Saving Energy & Green Product. Our systems are Hybrid Solar Systems. Our solar air-conditioners can produce cooling and heating all in one.

Mr. Cool Solar air conditioner systems will produce needed hot-water for other in home or business uses in the future, as it is a multifunction machine.

Mr. Cool Solar air-conditioner's collect solar heat energy with its collector, the collected heat energy will be reasonably distributed in reducing energy usage in our solar air-conditioners. This provides lower power consumption and helps save cost.

Superior frequency with inverter air conditioning technology in our indoor units using temperature to set it off, giving the end user continued daily energy savings.

Solar air conditioner introduction

Our solar air-conditioning technology according to the actual social situation, introduce a more cost-effective solution to air-conditioning, affordable, energy-efficiency far more then regular air-conditioning units.

Mr. Cool Solar air-conditioning heat exchangers, as the core components with in our solar technology of our air-conditioning units use heat exchange which is effective in the V-shaped, flat-plate heat exchangers increased by 20% -40% , with the refrigeration system then improving the thermal effect and providing energy savings.

Mr. Cool Solar air-conditioning running Principle

A year of use with our solar energy-solar air-conditioning units, offering dual-energy, solar energy as auxiliary power, according to non-physical principle of complementarily to the photoelectric effect. Combination of the traditional home air conditioning technology transfer, absorption and use a combination of compression, providing environmentally friendly Energy-efficient refrigerants as refrigeration and heating for environmental protection and energy conservation purposes.

Why solar power-saving air-conditioning…
First, it uses a majority of solar energy, Secondly, it adopts to a highly efficient heat transfer system. solar collectors / heat absorbers collect a certain amount of solar energy for air conditioning to work as a energy supplement offering an effective distribution system and greatly reducing compressor Energy loss; intelligent controlling of the solar air-conditioning system can automatically guarantee solar collection as part of the normal energy supply. Secondly, the use of a thread, hydrophilic aluminum foil, for the heat transfer system optimization match, reducing energy loss improving overall efficiency and effectively guaranteed results. Therefore, solar air-conditioning is much more convenient than regular air-conditioning saving you allot of energy usage.

Operating at night and when cloudy


Installation of Mr. Cool Solar air-conditioners is the most important step from us the manufacturer to our end-user. The result of installation will decide overall performance, including life and use of the solar air-conditioner.

Our Mr. Cool Solar air conditioner units collects solar heat energy by a solar collector. The solar air-conditioner also can operate with efficiency at night or on cloudy days. Our solar air conditioner units use a storing energy box in the solar collector to help store solar heat energy.

• Our Solar air conditioner units are similar to traditional air-conditioners.
• Solar collector helps provide more efficiency to the solar air conditioner when placed in the sun.
• Shorter piping connected to the solar collector from the outdoor and indoor unit, for better cooling results.
• To be installed by a professional.
• Installed according to the requirements of the installation manual.
• Install in a location for a nice appearance.
Split Wall:


In order to reach set temperature rapidly, when AUTO mode is selected, the position of horizontal vane is automatically set to correspond to the operation mode to perform effective operation.

Solar air conditioner introduction

floor standing SERIES

The grille of our cabinet air-conditioner adopts specially designed blades. Powerful airflow distribute cool or heat air to each corner of the room in a short time.

Solar air conditioner introduction


With the same power consumption, our air-conditioner outputs larger volume of cool/heat air.


Large-diameter turbofan and vortex duct are incorporated for powerful and quiet airflow. The design of scroll-compressor leads to lower noise and higher efficiency.

Solar air conditioner introduction


Auxiliary electric heating system is adopted to ensure sufficient air-conditioning even in chilly winter.
Solar A/C Energy Processing Method

Solar air conditioner introduction

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